ANANSE Ntontan(web) Snapback


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This ANANSE web snapback features the symbol of the ANANSE which means spider in the West African language of twi, and which is spoken by the people of Ghana. ANANSE is the symbol for story telling, and the web is the symbol for wisdom, togetherness and unity. Together it speaks of our story having the power to unite us. 

The brim underneath is embroidered in a web like design, and the black leather is a light weight polyurethane material that is vegan friendly. This is a very high quality hat that is good for all weather conditions. It holds up well against water droplets, but is also airy enough for hot weather conditions. In the case of dust, it handles it like a champ. All you have to do is wipe it down and it looks brand new again. 

ANANSE - Wear your story

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