Soulful Colour

Soulful Colour

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  • 38 original illustrations ~ with SWAG!

  • Single sided

  • Creators Notes

  • Reviewer Quotes

  • Page Protector to prevent bleeding through the paper

With the page protector and each page being single sided you ‘the coloring artist’ will not have to pick and choose which image to bring to life - you can color them all!

Soulful Colour Benefits: Meditation, Relaxation, Calming, Emotional Health, Mental Health, Intellectual Benefits, Brain Stimulation, Mindfulness, Therapeutic, Positive Thoughts, Focus, Encouraging, Reflective, Deep, Peaceful, Growth, Motivation, Empowering, Uplifting, Representation, Diversity, Cultural

Each page has an affirmation statement or mantra that is accompanied by an image that speaks to that affirmation. The look and feel is urban and you, the coloring artist, can bring these images to life in your own way. The thought provoking affirmations will resonate, uplift and inspire you while gently encouraging you to take care of yourself, de-stress and get lost in the unique world you are urged to create. Illustrated in a style that reminds you of your youth with the quotes. It's therapeutic, tranquil, soothing care for your soul.

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