Botanical Multi-purpose Cleaner_4 Litre

Botanical Multi-purpose Cleaner_4 Litre


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100% toxin-free, fragrance-free. Our Eco-superior, Botanical Multi-purpose Cleaner is a one-step powerhouse. formulated to cut through oil & grease and makes cleaning easier. Eliminates organic odour, reduces the risk of bacteria and fungus on hard surfaces. Ideal for appliances, kitchens, countertops, shower walls, grout,  toilets, cat litter, pet odour, urine, fecal matter, and more.

Ingredients: Non-chlorinated water, processed extracts of coconut, sugarcane, lemongrass, jojoba, chrysanthemum, neem, geranium, sapodilla, corn, kelp, garlic,  cinnamon. Contain no known cancer-causing chemicals. Not tested on animals. Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.

No other cleaner is required.

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